We desire a self-confident degree of alchemy.

We value density.

We endorse the materiality of language.

When in the field, language should gallop and snort.
Its rest need be fitful.
The poem that sleeps sleeps on its feet.

Language crafts its blueprint poem to poem.
There are no gold coins on the map; they must be forged by the poet.

To invent is to invent one's construct, to stitch a flag from the void.


We want work that challenges all of the above parameters.

‚ÄčLogan Fry + Matthew Moore + Caroline Gormley  |  editors


Submissions are accepted year round. All submissions are considered for the Postcard Series and the Online Series.

Submit unpublished work only, in a single .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .rtf file.

Simultaneous submissions are fine. If a piece becomes unavailable, notify us by leaving a note on your submission in Submittable. If the entire submission because unavailable, use the Withdraw function.

 for style holistics. 
In general, [1] language feels irrevocable; [2] poems preface but can't assume meaning; [3] wait for surprise and dubiety; [4] reach adroitly forward, into void, and back, deep against forebears' hoisted flags.

Flag + Void